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Going Self Employed - Niche Market
Hey, Bruce here. Thanks for visiting and reading my post at Going Self Employed – Self Employed UK. This is my review of Google Sniper – E-course. But first when I acquired this domain name “goingselfemployed.net” I notice it was getting a lot of searches from the UK. I was curious. This is what I found out. Self-employed worker numbers soar in UK. Rise in self-employment coincides with decline in number of employees between 2008 and 2012, according to ONS figures (Office for National Statistics). The number of people becoming self-employed to earn a living has grown by 10% since the start of the economic downturn, official figures show, with more than half of them setting up on their own between 2011 and 2012.

There are now 367,000 more people who are self-employed than there were in 2008, the Office for National Statistics said. More than 200,000, or 60% of these, became self-employed between 2011 and 2012. By contrast, the number of employees, which fell by 434,000 (2%) between 2008 and 2012, dropped mainly at the beginning of the period.

That suggests some former employees may have decided to go self-employed after trying and failing to find work elsewhere. Taxi drivers are among the four most popular self-employed occupations, along with carpenters, those in construction trades, and farmers. Just by coincidence the product I’m reviewing “Google Sniper” is by George Brown and he’s from the UK. He’s found a way to become self employed and he’s sharing his knowledge for those whom want to learn.

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George Brown - Google Sniper

George Brown

The Google Sniper e-course teaches you to target a very specific keyword and build a whole 4 – 5 page website dedicated to it. You’ll target these keywords and optimize your websites with such precision, that Google is almost forced into giving you a high ranking. Don’t try to create authority sites (although I do have a couple).

Authority sites (E-commerce) may take along time to rank high in the Search Engines, especially if you have a poorly traffic targeted domain name.You’ll probably need massive content, social media, backlinks, ads and WEB 2.0 websites like Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress.com and more. Instead you want to create smaller individual sites. Sometimes they are even multiple sites within the same niche. You want to be able to market one or few relevant specific products instead of website full of different products and categories.

Why you need Google Sniper?

First of all, because it works, very well in fact. I’ve used it for “goingselfemployed.net.” I’ve also used it for several other sites that rank on the first page of Google. One of my websites is in the Bullying niche, it’s on the first page of Google. According to Semrush.com which collect massive amounts of SERP (Search Engine Rank Page) data for more than 95 million keywords and 45 million domains — my website has Search Engine Traffic price is worth $900.00. Now, I could sell this site by having buyers bid on it but I’ll keep building up the traffic for now.

Secondly, you won‟t have to do any of the usual tedious work that‟s associated with creating SEO (Search engine optimization) based sites. You don‟t need to do too much link building or endless content updating here. It‟s a kind of set and forget approach… You build the site once, and get a continuous flow of traffic to your site from Google for months, and even years to come in return. The only time you really want to build links and content is to boost traffic or if you get penalize by Google. Google your site to the Sandbox for violating their terms. Your site may end up beyond page 30 pagination.

Cons: Finding those golden niche “phrase” keywords with over 3,000 global monthly search volume, -13,000 competitors with rising trends with can be a daunting challenge — as George Brown will tell you. But you may get lucky and find over 3,000+ global monthly searches. You may have to outsource a little for more traffic to free up some time, therefore you can work on your next sniper site. If you have a full time job and a family it make take you a week to build one site — maybe two weeks if it’s your fist time. But you’ll get faster throughout experience.

Note: The Google Sniper method is the fastest, easy way to get on the first page of Google along with using the Google Keyword Tool. You may want to compare your “phrase” keywords to “exact” when using Google Keyword Tool, just so you can get an idea how strong the keyword is for getting traffic. E-mail marketing may boost traffic and sales to your site with an Opt-in for a free bonus. Overall Google Sniper is a good E-course, it has been number one on cbengine.com for a couple of weeks when it was first released. It also got a big buzz from top internet marketing gurus before it was put on the market.

If you want to get your niche on the first page of Google without tiring yourself with endless writing you’ll thank yourself later for discovering Google Sniper. Make sure you know which product to promote before buying a domain name. The Forex niche is considered highly competitive (you may want to stay away from it). Remember, once you get into the course you’ll get massive loads of videos, hot tips from George Brown plus other Internet Gurus, bonuses, case studies, audio, etc… Cheers and the best of blogging to you!

Let’s just play with some numbers for a second.

If you make 52 campaigns (one each week for the next year), and each campaign ONLY makes an average of $10 a week, how much will you be making one year from today?
52 campaigns online x $10 ea per week = $520/week
$520 per week x 52 weeks in a year = $27,040 / year

Now, while that is not MILLIONS, it is also the very LOW end of the possibilities. Keep in mind, that the computation above is requiring each campaign to only make $40 a month. For many Clickbank products, that is the equivalent of a campaign only making ONE sale a month. These campaigns don’t always have to be WordPress websites with Clickbank products. It can be anything you think of that converts for cash flow using CPA (Cost Per Action), Commission Junction, Amazon, E-mail Marketing, Pinterest, Squidoo or any other campaign producing monthly/weekly income.

Now, let’s have fun and be a little more realistic.
Let’s say your average affiliate commission is $35 and each campaign
sells one product per week.

52 campaigns online x $35 ea per week = $1820/week
$1820 x 52 weeks in a year = $94,640 / year

Now you get it!

Thanks to Jennifer at One Week Marketing for these figures. “If you are willing to do for a year what others won’t, you can spend a lifetime doing what others CAN’T”
- Jennifer

Tip: Don’t know what niche to start? Try Weddings or Wedding Speeches.

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Keyword Winner


If you don’t know were to start making money online, I’ll make a few suggestions and whom can you follow. Remember this is not a get rich quick, so don’t be over blown away with high monetary gains of these authors. There a lot more things, such a wide range marketing going on in the background when you see screenshots of affiliate accounts. One website alone may not bring in double figures or more when you’re just starting up. You need a whole lot of other things going on, over time to produce a large bank account.

Here are a few of the many and well respected Internet Affiliate Marketers you can follow to get you started. Take your time and review each one carefully to find your niche and stick to the program.

Wealthy Affiliate – Carl and Kyle


Review: Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by two Internet Entrepreneurs from Victoria British Columbia Canada, Kyle and Carson. Consider a leader in Internet marketing and online business training stage. They will take you step-by-step through valuable training modules. You will have the opportunity to host your website on their server. WA has very professional Internet Marketers on their forum along with newbies.

Highly important that you join the forum to get the feel of Internet Affiliate Marketing. Therefore, you won’t make many mistakes. Yes, there’s a membership fee but it’s worth it — Kyle and Carson provide so much information. If you’r not satisfied and can always cancel if you’re on a budget.

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Atomic Blogging – Alvin Phang
Alvin Phang
Review: Alvin Phang, is a courageous & humble 27-year-old international speaker from Singapore who found financial freedom and online success since 2006 and had generated more then US$222,579.81 sales just from blogging! Author of the popular blog guide called “Atomic Blogging” which has sold more than 6,000 copies to date. It had helped thousands of internet marketers around the world to start a profitable blog site.

He’ll show you how to get a domain name, hosting, how to set up WordPress theme from WordPress.org. You’ll have the option of using one of his SEO (Search Engine Optimization) WordPress themes. Alvin will show you how to get PLR (Private Label Rights), keyword research, social media tips and more. No membership require but you might want to sign up for his newsletter and get his PDF book on Atomic Blogging.

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One Week Marketing – Jennifer Leadbetter AKA: Pot Pie Girl
Jennifer - Pot Pie Girl
Review: Her name’s Jennifer Ledbetter, but a lot of people know her as PotPieGirl. I think she’s the Squidoo Queen when making money on Squidoo.com. It wasn’t all that long ago that she was a single mom, out of work and continually facing the prospect of having “too much month at the end of the money,” having to pick and choose which bills were essential and which she could let slide for a while longer. She’s a Mom that no longer struggles to make ends meet. She currently has over 1,076 people likes One Week Marketing Face Book Fan Page.

The One Week Marketing book and bonuses provide courses on:
*Powerful internal linking techniques to virtually remove the need for inbound links.
*Know which markets and keywords to focus on before investing your time and energy into a full-fledged campaign.
*Instant Amazon affiliate link generator. Simply enter your Amazon Associate ID and the product ASIN and the Amazon affiliate link generator handles the rest. Select image size, alignment, and effects for total control.
*Ultra-fast webpage indexing – - No more waiting days (or even weeks) to get your webpages found by Google! Use the One Week Marketing indexing tool to get webpages indexed in as fast as 12-48 hours.
*Bonus training including in-depth instructions on how to turn $20 into $2000 every week, a technique and can be done for free!
*SEO Tips to get the best results from your free money-making pages.

Lots of case studies, tips, and techniques including a way to work online today and get paid TOMORROW. No membership. Very important to get on Jennifer’s e-mail subscription. You’ll learn how to make money on Squidoo and Pinterest.

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Covert PinPress Theme

Bum Marketing – Travis Sago
Travis Sago and Wife
Review: Travis’ wife (Jeannie) named this the “Bum Marketing Method” because she thinks it is so easy that he could take a bum off the street…take him to the public library…and have him earning cash within a week. It’s consider 100% Free Bum Marketing Ecourse. No membership.
Travis will teach you:
*How to get a profit pulling ad or message on Google Free and within 2 days to a week!
*How to get your ad or message on Yahoo and MSN
*How to make your first Clickbank sale…and then keep Bum Marketing until you are earning a full time income from Clickbank alone and how to do the same with virtually any other affiliate network or product. Use the same method to drive a lot of free traffic to your AdSense pages or opt-in pages
*Learn a simple plan to earn $1800 a month within 90 days…cash not required. Be warned, you may do a lot of typing.

Why Is This Course Free? Travis have been extremely blessed with his online business and this is his way of giving back. Don’t miss his e-mail subscription. Look for his 2 bonuses: Facebook Page Blue Print- Affiliate Marketing with Facebook by showing you a step-by-step process for building an effective Facebook Page and Crystal Ball Marketing Report — know what’s on the market before your competitors.

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Ryan Moran
Ryran Moran
Review: Ryan Moran, Cleveland native, member of Wealthy Affiliate, once got scammed in a real estate deal, never vowed to let that happen again. Paid off his college tution using his online money making profits. Made money online with Click Bank, Drop Shipping, made lump sum profits building and flipping websites and more. He has a free video course on how he went to zero to $100.00/day in four days. No membership.

In his free video, you’ll see the exact strategy that he personally used to get started online that now generates a full-time income many times over. Ryan’s is always giving away hot tips about internet affiliate marketing in his e-mail subscription. Follow Ryan and you’ll pick up good strategies. Also, you can hire Ryan for your business strategies.

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Amazon Niche Profits – Chris Guthrie
Chris Guthrie
Review: If you’ve been struggling trying to make profits as an Amazon Associate, Chris Guthrie is an Amazon Affiliate you really must get to know. He use to be a full time mover, a job he very dislike. One day he found out he been laid off the very job he detest. Should he be worry? No. He had already double his income before being laid off or fired. The timing was perfect. June 1, 2009 to December 15, 2011 — Chris Guthrie made…are ready? $94,325.70 in commission!!! That total excludes the money he got from selling his top-earning Amazon site in a deal worth over $100,000.

As you can see, you got to study internet marketing at home, on the job or anywhere you have free time. It’s sacrifice curbing your entertainment and social life but you got to think about the long. BE YOUR OWN BOSS! Stop putting up with your employer politics and let them drown in they own sweat. Make more money than a CEO without actually being on the job and going to board meetings. If you loose your job; you may loose your skills — but you’ll always obtain your internet marketing skills.

Here’s What You Get Inside:
10 Step By Step Video Training Modules
2 Extra Bonus Video Modules
Case studies on live income generating websites I still run today
Free Premium Azon WordPress Theme: Cost Chris well over $2,000 to develop and improve over time
The 10 video modules cover everything:
Module 1: The Basics
Module 2: How To Find A Good Niche
Module 3: How To Set Up An Income Generating Blog
Module 3b: How To Customize Azon Theme (Free Theme!)
Module 4: How To Write Content For Your Blog
Module 5: How To Make Money
Module 6: How To Build Links And Get Traffic
Module 7: Live Mini Site Case Studies
Module 8: Live Authority Site Case Study
Module 9: More Live Website Case Studies
Module 10: Niche Profit Course Wrap Up
Bonus Module: How To Outsource Amazon Sites
Bonus Module: Buying Domain Names After Market

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Monthly Commissions With Freedom Fast Lane
Freedom Fast Lane
Finally, If you need one-on-one coaching and want Monthly Recurring Checks? Real Coaching From CB (Click Bank) Millionaires Travis Sago, Jason Drohn, And Ryan Moran Moran Mean Commissions For Life. Freedom Fast Lane is a personal hand-holding club, where you’ll have access to us on monthly training calls and have exclusive access to our best training, examples, blueprints, and tools. Note, that is a little expensive for the monthly membership but you’re getting training from an All Star of Internet Marketers and material. You don’t have to stay on board if you choose not to for budget reasons. The initial charge will be $4.95 for a sneak peak.

Here are just some of the bonus training that you’ll receive for FREE when you test drive Freedom Fast Lane for 30-days for $4.95:
6 Figures In 7 Days” – $297 Value – This six part audio series, that originally sold for $297…
Abundance Formula” – $67 Value – Are you still struggling to get what you want, while everyone around seems to effortlessly attract total freedom and abundance? Break this cycle NOW…
Money Sites Secrets” – $197 Value – Did you know that tiny, 10-page websites can make thousands of dollars per month?
Crystal Ball Marketing” – $47 Value – “How To Beat Your Competition By Cashing In On Niches Of The Future…”
Bullet List Building” – $497 Value – Hit Send, Get Paid! Bullet List Building will get you a big email list faster than you can hit send.
Regular Fly-On-The-Wall Training Sessions” – $97/month Value – Have you ever wondered what secrets the six figure marketers reveal when no one is listening? Wonder no more!
Many surprise, unannounced bonuses…
That’s over $1000 in free gifts…

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Note: If you’re curious about Gambling and R-Rated niches, you’ll have to search for those on your own. Keep in mind, that theses niches are tough to promote. Why? It’s only specific to a certain group not a wide range of people and ages. Your URL and keywords will be filtered out on job sites. Most networks will not accept your material for sponsorship. The niches can be highly competitive. Experiment with those sites later if you wish. For now, just stick to niches that everyone can get involve in and you’ll make more money.

I’ve listed and said enough to get you going in the right direction. Create some spare time, pay off some bills, retire early and live longer. If you don’t try and make money online, someone else will — swiping up good keyword domain names. The affiliate internet market is constantly changing, you got to keep up. Poof! One day a URL is alive, the next day it’s dead — parked with AdSense Ads. Don’t try to be rich too fast. For now, just double what your making now if your employed. Have fun, take your time, stop sweating, relax knowing you’re going to retire soon, if you’re not already. Now stop leaving money on the table and get it! Get on!

Single Dad earns over $3,000 a month taking surveys.


Going Self Employed - Affiliate Marketing
One of the best ways to making money is “online.” There’s no boss and physical work. If you don’t have the passion for your job, it will become mundane, tedious, monotonous and uninspiring. This can be really bad if your job get phase out and down graded if two business decided to merge. Furthermore, you shouldn’t have to kill yourself with multiple jobs and late hours. You will burn out fast. You need leverage.

Generally, to make money online, you’re either a “publisher” or “advertiser” or both. Most people probably start off as an advertising affiliate, promoting other peoples products for a commission. They’re so many ways to make money online, it can get confusing trying to figure were to start. If you just want some basic knowledge or ideas to making your own money, I’ll suggest a few books to get started and excited. Understand these books are just giving you reference and ideas, they’re usually not step-by-step manuals to making money. Read these books in your spare time only, while working on other projects. The intro hype of these books may get you excited but the reviews keep things in balance.

Click on any book cover for more information

Extra Money Answer: How to Create, Promote, and Monetize an Affiliate Site by Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins has been an affiliate marketer since 1997 with a number of active affiliate projects, and a decade of affiliate management under his belt. He is a Co-founder of Affiliate Summit, the leading global conference and tradeshow for the affiliate marketing industry and Co-Editor-in-Chief of FeedFront Magazine. He authored the books Extra Money Answer and Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants, and was an editor and contributor to Internet Marketing from the Real Experts.

Pros: The #1 thing that gets in the way of most people in terms of making money online is fear…fear that you’re going to waste your time, get taken advantage of, not know what to do, and ultimately not making any money. Most people kind of need their hand held through the process. If that’s you, then this book is for you. It takes you through every single step of how to choose a topic, get a domain, set up a website, create and curate content, promote your site, etc. — all for what… $3? That’s a steal.

Review By Scott Social Media Allen

Cons: The only reason I didn’t give this book 5 stars is that I have some issues with some of the suggestions. For example, I would never recommend GoDaddy. I used them for years, because they were “good enough”. But even ignoring all the politics / privacy / ethics issues, I’ve simply found too many times that they do weird, non-standard things, plus the fact that I got sick of being constantly up-sold other services when I’m just trying to manage my stuff. There are numerous better options, at better prices, with better service. Frankly, while at a later date you may want to have your domains and your hosting separate, for newbies it’s a LOT easier to just get them both at the same place…definitely saves a couple of steps and may even save you some money.

Review By Scott Social Media Allen

Book hints of:
• Picking a Topic for Your Site
• How to Create Content
• Brain storming a domain name
• Website hosting
• Using Email to Drive Traffic
• Secure Your Social Media Names
• Driving Traffic to Your Website
• Finding Affiliate Programs
• Creating Affiliate Links
• Enhanced Statistics for Affiliates
• Education for Affiliate Marketers

If you’re a beginner or intermediate marketer, Shawn Collin’s book will take you from having no clue about making money online to applying his concrete advice for putting more money in your pocket. Highly recommended for people starting out. GoingSelfEmployed.com uses GoDaddy without any problems but if you think GoDaddy is over commercialize then try NameCheap.com as an alternative. Recommended by Ryan Moran.

Multiple Streams of Internet Income: How Ordinary People Make Extraordinary Money Online, 2nd Edition [Hardcover] By Robert G. Allen

Following the success of the bestselling Multiple Streams of Income, Multiple Streams of Internet Income took the idea of making money on the Internet to the next level, by revealing how to deliver a marketing message faster, cheaper, and to a larger number of potential customers.
Pros: There really isn’t anything new here other than the repairs of broken links. Any new ideas given are better presented in other materials. It really comes down to this: Robert Allen gave great ideas a few years ago, but others have come along since with better ideas and complete marketing systems for online success. I’d check out Call to Action by Brian Eisenberg instead.

BTW – I would give 5 stars to this book if it were a first edition so if you haven’t read the first edition this is a good book to have, but make sure you read Call to Action as well.

Review By Tom Carpenter

Cons: In today’s economic climate it sure is a great idea to have multiple streams of income and no one tells this story better than Robert Allen. But for pure pragmatic strategy and analytically brainstorming on how to really make this work I prefer Scott Fox’s new book, “Internet Riches”. A serious book that has a straight forward plan that takes you step-by-step through the (not very) technical steps to a business plan, a new business and a new life.

Review By cmettler-ArtMaven

Book hints of
• Affiliate programs
• Joint ventures, turning Junk into case with auctions
• Turning ideas into steady streams of cash flow and more.

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (Expanded and Updated) by Timothy Ferriss

More than 100 pages of new, cutting-edge content. Forget the old concept of retirement and the rest of the deferred-life plan–there is no need to wait and every reason not to, especially in unpredictable economic times. Whether your dream is escaping the rat race, experiencing high-end world travel, earning a monthly five-figure income with zero management, or just living more and working less, The 4-Hour Workweek is the blueprint.
Pros: The 4-Hour Work Week is a rollicking romp through the modern economy, headed up by a hilarious, bare-knuckled champion of the free spirit. There is no doubt that readers interested in a change from the status quo will get plenty of inspiration from this book. Most will also get some nifty pointers on how to scheme the system. If nothing else, this book reveals how bloated and monolithic the old way of doing things is, and gives the reader the tools to take advantage of it.

Review By P. Narayan

Cons: If you’re an average 9-to-5 ‘worker bee’ hoping for an easy fix, you’ll be disappointed. Many of Ferriss’ tactics to obtain the 4-hour workweek involve strong risk-taking skills, audacity, ironclad willpower, extremely driven, persistent, “Type A” personality traits that many top executives and managers innately and already have.

Review By nycgirl “nycgirl”

Book hints of:
• Fear-setting and escaping paralysis
• How to escape the office
• Top 13 new rich mistake
• Killing your job and more.

Blogging For Dummies by Susannah Gardner and Shane Birley

Now in its fourth edition, Blogging For Dummies is fully updated and more practical than ever for today’s bloggers. Whether you’re just beginning or are already a full-tilt blogging maven, you’ll find the up-to-date information you need in these friendly pages. Want to integrate your blog with social media? Jump into the fast-moving world of microblogging on Twitter or Tumblr? Choose which blogging software to use? Optimize your current blog for search? This detailed book guide covers it all, and then some. Buy the book, build a better blog, and blog about it!
Pros: Like many Dummies books, this book is comprehensive! It’s a thorough introduction to blogging from rank Internet newbie, to the typical active
blogger seeking to learn more about the medium.

As a 2008 book, it’s reasonably current. This is one of those Dummies books the publishers will need to update annually. I recommend readers always seek the latest possible edition of any blogging book, as popular technologies change so rapidly in the field. RSS, comment spam, social networks and podcasting are all given their due space. An entire chapter is devoted to adding and managing photos for your blog.

Review By Jill Florio

Cons: This really is just an introduction for absolute beginners and does not provide the technical know-how to create a blog website. The easiest method they discuss for getting online is Blogger.com, which has since updated their user interface leaving this books treatment of their service no longer current. Methods that could actually result in making a relatively professional-looking blog site, such as WordPress, are only glanced over – the reader is referred to WordPress for Dummies! And they state several chapters into the book, “Ok, we lied…it is not easy to create a WordPress site”.

Review By Sue Castillo

Book hints of:
• Making your self comfortable with blogs
• Choosing what to blog about
• Making mistakes
• Picking a domain name and more.

» Click here to install a WordPress Theme «

ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett

An update of one of the bestselling blogging books, written by two of the world’s most successful bloggers. There’s a reason why the first two editions of this book have sold thousands of copies worldwide. Written by two of the world’s most successful bloggers, it’s one of the clearest books out there on how to earn an income from your blog. This new edition gets you up to date on the very latest changes that affect the blogging-for-business landscape. Featuring new material on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn; plus new ways and tools to grow your audience and expand your business beyond your blog, this professional blogger’s bible is better than ever.

Pros: The authors start immediately with the theme of the book: “How you can make money with blogging.” You learn as soon as you open the first page about what it means to blog for money, what you need to do in order to start earning a living from the early stages of the blog and how you can measure the blog’s success. So, if that is all what you are interested to know, you do not need to read further; but I would not suggest doing that, because you would lose lots of valuable information.

Review By Jayne Georgette

Cons: In general I found ProBlogger interesting and informative, even if it doesn’t delve too deep into any of the topics the authors touch on. Even the case study in the last chapter lacked depth-I would have liked to know more about how he managed his content, built a community, etc. But as an introduction to professional blogging, it does the job.

Review By Anabelle Bernard Fournier

Book hints of:
• What makes a blog different
• Building and flipping
• Subscribers
• Traffic
• Search engine results
• 10 reasons why niche blogs are successful and more.

Get Rich Click!: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet by Marc Ostrofsky

Amazingly successful Internet entrepreneur, Marc Ostrofsky, whose self-published edition of this title made the New York Times bestseller list, presents all of the insights, tips and strategies needed to make money—and lots of it—online. The Internet is arguably the most powerful business tool in the history of mankind. You can use it to make money, save money and create new revenue streams quickly and easily, often with no start-up capital. The Internet is changing the way business is conducted and fortunes are made!
Pros: Get Rich Click by Marc Ostrofsky blows away any idea that all the opportunities on the internet have already been mined. Marc brilliantly shows that the internet is full of mines ready to be discovered and claimed.

Get Rich Click outlines endless possibilities to build income and net worth with the combination of the internet, mobile and social media. Instead of being overwhelmed, Get Rich Click takes you by the hand, explaining chapter by chapter how each piece of the internet puzzle fits together.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced player looking to start up or go to the next level, Get Rich Click is like a treasure map telling you where the gold is.

Review By Gary Spirer

Cons: This is a good book. Not great, but worth checking out. I give credit to the author for covering so many aspects of online business in one book. The problem is, there isn’t enough space for everything he wants to cover– at least in detail. It’s kind of like being at a buffet, with a lot of choices, but only being able to take a tiny bite. You get an idea of what is available, but don’t walk away totally satisfied.

Review By T. Baker

Book hints of:
Insights from Zappos.com founder Tony Hseih, another success: Laundryview.com, making money with no money: reverse E-commerce in action ,7 different E-commerce business models to choose from, the online retail market, other ways to make money on E-bay, 7 tips for keywords, 7 steps to start making money with Google Adsense, 16 ways to attract more traffic and loads of other information.

All these books should give you some practical idea how to run and start a business in a variety of industries. But, don’t spend to much time going from one book to the next — implement your ideas by writing them down. Don’t set your goals way too high. Work on them little-by-little until you see results. Never give up! Especially if you’re unemployed or have a grunt job.


Going Self Employed - Make Money
Ever wonder how some people become so wealthy and self employed? It could be a good education, invention, investments, natural born talent for use of recreation, being at the right place at the right time or just luck. What if we don’t fit into any of those categories at the moment? We can at least double our income or more to quit our jobs to be self sufficient. But we’re going to have grind it out to get there. This will mean cutting out unwanted distractions and staying focus.

There are a few ways to to become financially independent or rich:

1. Inherit it
a) Pros: Only if you’re lucky to receive an inheritance of residual income.

b) Cons: You may receive an inheritance of little or no value if it doesn’t generate income.

2. Marry it
a) Pros: Great if both couples are getting along without discord and have an understanding about the business to continually generate income.

b) Cons: Couples having a disagreement and want to split apart.

3. Invest for it
a) Pros: Stocks, Mutual Funds, Commodities, Joint Ventures, Real Estate, etc.

b) Cons: Must constantly monitor second and third parties, watch market indicators, economics. If an investment goes bad, you must know when to pull out before loosing everything.

4. Get lucky, the lottery or win it
a) Pros: Instant gratification! You’re off the “work treadmill” as of working for someone else. Spend more time with your family by traveling and entertainment and give more to charity for tax write off. Here’s a great lottery tip: Buy 10 $1.00 scratch tickets or 1 $5.00-$20.00 scratch ticket once a week to avoid over spending and becoming addicted. Buy only the tickets that have a wide unclaimed margin. For example: If 25 $100.00 prize scratch tickets were sold and only two have been claim — that means there are still 23 unclaimed $100.00 prize remaining scratch tickets. To find these stats, just go to you local lottery home page. They should list these stats.

b) Cons: You’ll need a Financial Planner, pay more taxes, hide from people whom want to harm you, avoid over spending and bad habits.

5. Work for a company
a) Pros: High paying salary with perks. Retire with a 401K plan, annuity or pension. You’re only safe as long as the company stays in business.

b) Cons: Company may be using black market tactics to generate wealth. When the company goes down, you’ll go down with it — unless you pull out first. You could loose all your money through legal fees and retire in jail. Not worth it.

6. Break the law: Steal, deal or con
a) Pros: None. It’s just an illusion of temporary gratification. It shows weakness, low IQ and ignorance. Why? Because you’re not learning how to generate your own money, instead of stealing it from someone else. You should be telling yourself that “I can make my own money legally, I don’t need yours.” Then you’ll feel good about yourself.

b) Cons: You’re just fantasizing about being temporary rich or wealthy. When the money runs out the whole process starts over again until you end up dead or caught, sentence to jail. Not a good way to retire. You’ll never be able to make money legally.

7. Entrepreneur/Work for yourself
a) Pros: Financial independence! Two-Six figure income or more. Free from being a high payed slave. No more multiple killer jobs, hours, expense travel and dealing with snobbish — ruthless people.

b) Cons: Re-invest, curb your spending, don’t put all your investments in one area, back up your data and don’t get into bad habits that can affect your health and business. File for Self Employed Registration.

What ever route you choose for self employed income, think about the consequences. You should already know — honestly, ethically, legally and morally it should be number 7. Best to be an Entrepreneur and work for yourself! Always establish a passion for your work. The money will come naturally.

Seven ways you can become financial broke if you’re not careful

• Bad Investments/Financial Advisers — not being fully transparent with your money.
• Settlements: Divorce w/o Prenuptial Agreement. Being sued.
• Overspending: Expenses without ROI (Return-On-Investments).
• High Medical Expenses: Unforeseen injury or debilitating health.
• Substance abuse: Drugs, alcohol or illicit recreation.
• Natural Disasters: Rebuilding costs if living in areas prone to high rate of disasters.
• Unpaid taxes: Off shore accounts. Not taking time out to get your priorities, records and documents in order.

According to a 2009 Sports Illustrated article, 60 percent of former NBA players are broke within five years of retirement. By the time they have been retired for two years, 78% of former NFL players have gone bankrupt or are under financial stress. Sucked into bad investments, stalked by freeloaders, saddled with medical problems, and naturally prone to showing off, many pro athletes get shocked by harsh economic realities after years of living the high life. Don’t go rags to riches, then back to rags. Slow down and look around! Numb the peer pressure, be yourself. More money, means more problems. If you’re trying to pay off student loans look at what this Duke grad student did “Duke Grad Student Secretly Lived In a Van to Escape Loan Debt.”

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